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The value of accountability

The value of accountability

Bob Proctor says, “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the results.”

Accountability and results…

Have you ever walked past a piece of trash and just left it or, even better, thrown your own trash down on the same spot? Hundreds of people walk past and just leave the trash or add to it, and none of them sees a problem with it. As a result, the number of dumping sites in our communities has increased at an alarming rate. The general perception is that everyone is doing it, or I didn’t throw it there, so why should I pick it up?

Have you ever noticed this? And what are the results?

Everyone’s doing it or It’s not my responsibility

Just as in the trash scenario, we often enter our work environment and find the same perception. It has become a culture in our day-to-day life that will not go away in a blink – because we don’t change overnight.

Work environments are diverse by nature. However, they are more structured when everyone gathers daily to provide a service to advance the company goals and strategic objectives – and, with that, come deadlines and accountability.

While diversity will always exist, being able to work together for the seamless completion of tasks, projects or just normal day-to-day administrative tasks can be challenging. It takes commitment.

But, if accountability glues commitment to results, what does it take to be COMMITTED?

Being responsible

In my view, being responsible is a start. In his book Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, John Maxwell lists some of the following results of not being responsible. Please let us all ask ourselves professionally… Is this me?

1. We feel sorry for ourselves. How do I feel when ____________________________________ _______________________________________________?

2. We think the world should work differently than it does. Should the world be ____________ _______________________________________________ ?

3. We start blaming. Who is to blame for ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ?

4. We give over control. Who controls ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ?

5. We make growth and success impossible. Is everything ______________________________ _______________________________________________ ?

Every great organisation is driven by its culture, and our culture drives our success or failure. Culture is like air: you can’t see it but can feel it. Importantly, though, culture is embedded in people and how we behave and show up.

Move to a culture of responsibility

John Maxwell further teaches, “When it comes to taking responsibility, losses are inevitable, but excuses are optional. When you move from excuses to responsibility, your life begins to change dramatically.”

1. You take your first step in learning.

2. You see things in the right perspective.

3. You stop making the same mistakes.

4. You grow stronger.

5. Your words and actions match.

Choose greatness

Everything in life is a choice, and everything can be learnt or thought…. As we choose greatness keep in mind what Henry Evans said:

“A culture of accountability makes a good organisation great and a great organisation unstoppable.”